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[oneshot] Impromptu

Title: Impromptu [oneshot]
Pairing: Yokoyama Yuu/ Tadayoshi Ohkura
Rating: PG-13. (Little blood ahead, but it’s nothing O:D)
Genre: Slash
Word Count:
 Written for entertainment, not profit.
Author’s Notes:
 WHY THE TWO OF THEM IS THE IT GUY LATELY WE DON’T KNOW BUT IT’S SO TRUE IT BLINDS BECAUSE OF THEIR AWESOMENESS. Oh and it's unbeta-ed, we still have lots more to work on = . =
 Poor Hina is preoccupied for a while. Later he founds out the not-so-busy Tacchon is (one of) the best option.

“Hello? … No, it’s okay. I’m free right now…

Yes, umm, I'm with Yoko… What? … No! I’m still thinking about you!

Wha- … what? Right now? You mean now? But, I’m still …

Hang on, how about I call you later? I’m currently driving. Okay? Love you.”

He lets a heavy sigh. Still holding his phone while he drive, not completely focused as his stares is pretty much blank.

“You okay?”

Hina glances to the person beside him. He found Yoko giving him a concerned look, made Hina quickly put a sheepish smile.

“No, it’s nothing. You know girls, jealousy comes easily for them.”

A silence moment after that, made the younger thought his excuse wasn't convincing enough. Hina immediately began to pick another topic.

"So, umm, Yo-"

“You should meet her. Now.”

“What?” Hina said in disbelief. “But I already promised to treat you this time!”

“Oh please, I prefer to have lunch myself rather than facing your sober face for getting dumped by your pretty girlfriend just because she randomly thinks that you are gay with me.”

The younger one only gazed in awe to Yoko, who managed to pull that line off with only one breath. Yoko just exhaled his obvious faked deep sigh.

“No seriously Murakami. If you still love her, then go! I’ll be fine anyway.”


“Really really.”

“Well, if you say so. Thanks for your concern Kimi.” Hina’s facial muscle is loosening up, giving him a slight relieved look. He gave Yoko a thin but pure smile that rarely comes out everyday. The taller one smiles back, and continues to gaze the road view from the window.

“Don’t mention it buddy.”

At least he doesn’t have to worry anymore.

- - - - - - - -

Ding~ Dong~

Yoko quickly pause his game and hurrying to greet his long awaiting guest.

“Ah, just about time! I thought you’d never make it.”

“It’s not like I have better options. I brought some beers, and lots of snacks.” He lifted a fully loaded medium plastic bag from a combini.

“Just as expected from you, Ohkura. C’mon, let’s chill in the playroom.”

- - - - - - - -<

"Funny you called this time." Ohkura said abruptly. His eyes still focusing on his DS, not even bother to look at the older boy.

"Hm?" Yoko took a quick glance, just to make sure Ohkura was asking something. But quickly change his sight to his own console. "Is that a weird thing to do?"

"Nope. It's just people like Subaru-kun or Hina-chan are the ones you’d rather hang out with."

Getting such question is like a pain in the ass. Just then he already let Hina 'accompanying' his overly jealous girlfriend, and Subaru is no-where to reach. The-also-game-freak Ohkura is the least option, better than Yasu of course.

"I can't reach Subaru for some-what-reason. And Hina is just busy with his love life." answer Yoko followed by his trademark pout. Ohkura just follow with a light humming.

"You know," Yoko continued, "I feel pity for Hina lately. His chick seems to think that Hina didn't love her much. Not that I disagree about their relationship. They looked so cute together already."

“Moreover, they do come from the same region! What could be more perfect than that?! I mean, ... nah, you get my point."

"But today, I think it's just getting too much. She is upset for Hina being too much spending his time with us. Like, what was that all about?! It's not even logical!"

Yoko turns his head to see Ohkura's reaction. But he only sees the younger staring at him in silence. The matter is he'd never seen such intense stare from him, not like now.

"What?" ask Yoko bemused. He never has the guts to be stared like that, so he rapidly swift his eyes to the room, and realize the three cans of beer in front of Ohkura.

"You really care about him, don't you?"

Ohkura's voice has become lower than before. Or some says, huskier. Yoko could only blame those beers. Yep, it's all the alcohol's fault, nothing more.

"If you so worried about him, what's the point of having me here?"

The drummer's tone has changed too. It's like the one's he used to sing his duet with Ryo and his own new solo. Yoko approved to himself that he looked hot like that, plus Ohkura is now approaching him slowly, made the oldest member drops his beloved Nintendo DS to the carpet floor.

"I saw you on Koishite Akuma. A vampire, huh?!" Ohkura lowered his head until his face right in front of Yoko's. The younger then wipes away Yoko's bangs aside. "So you've bitten someone before?"

No longer waiting for Yoko's response, Ohkura touched his lips to Yoko's flawless neck. He slowly plants kisses, steady & tender. The only audible sound that could Yoko heard was the gaping sounds from Ohkura's lips. The odd thing was, he doesn't even thinking about stopping him.

Ohkura seems enjoying it too. Yoko already felt Ohkura's is getting closer, made him unsteady. Soon after he put his hands on the floor, Yoko barely sense Ohkura's warm lips, but instead is something wet and solid. "O-ow!" Yoko could only groan while Ohkura bit him.

The unexpected sound made the younger stops to look at Yoko's face, which now painted with pink flush at the cheek. Ohkura can't hold to chuckle and grinning madly. "You know, you're really cute when you blushed." said Ohkura as he drew closer. With Ohkura's hands hanging at his shoulder and their shorter distance, Yoko see Ohkura is staring at his full red lips. To make it worst, Yoko is barely closing it, making a small gap that exposing his lower lips completely.

Seeing that temptation, Ohkura couldn't hold any longer. His already full lips meet Yoko's in a 'polite' manner. He didn't bother to rush; instead he's making it as delicate as he could, as if Yoko's lips are the most fragile thing. The technique is surely working because now both of them already shut their eyes in pleasantness.

The two only breaks apart for catching some breaths, because clearly no one seems going to end this. At this point, Yoko learnt that Ohkura is a really good kisser, if not was the best. Now that he's comfortable enough to rest his hands on Ohkura's broad shoulder, while the drummer's hands is travelling through his neck and collarbones.

Until Ohkura's urge is raised, Yoko felt the presence of the younger's tongue on his taste-buds. The tension got up higher when it followed by a sudden bite at his lips, which made Yoko startled at the unexpected movements. He directly grabs and pulls Ohkura's hair as a reflex. But that only makes Ohkura hotter. The rough drummer took another bite in return, a hard one, enough to rip the inner part of Yoko's lip, causing him to bleed slightly.

"What-the," Yoko could feel his now sore lips. A drop of red liquid drips at the corner of his mouth.

"Oh shit." Ohkura barely realize what have he done after the biting business. "I-I'm sorry, should I, stop?"

"No! ...Please..." said Yoko more look like a pleading.

Yoko's rather pale yet vulnerable face, blood at his ripe wet lips, Ohkura is not gonna lie cause that do turned him on.
With the sweetest smile, Ohkura gives Yoko a small peck right at the wounded part, so he can feel the salty-bitter taste of Yoko's blood. Yoko hisses a bit, but can't help enjoying the kiss that somewhat healed him at the same time.

However the kiss is not pleasing enough. This refers to Ohkura's now busy hands unbuttoning the elder’s shirt. Yoko seems don't mind either. His hands cupping the drummer's face, tilting and adjusting it between the hot kisses, while Ohkura doing his business. By the time they catches another breath, Yoko senses cold breeze due to his now exposed body with the shirt still hanging on his body. Ohkura smiles at the awkwardness Yoko is getting, and then he pulled off his own tees within seconds, giving the older the sexiest grin ever afterwards. Just now Yoko understands why Ryo never let his 'Torichan' to be 'off-guard'.

Ohkura doesn’t even hesitate to touch the smooth white skin that Yoko has. He pushes lightly until Yoko's back touched the soft surface of the carpet floor. Soon after, the impatient drummer is already at Yoko's chest, biting the nipple while his hands are currently trying to unbuckle Yoko's belt. And no, Yoko didn't bother whether he's technically under this time, because he thinks it's a proper thing for a 'junior' to please the 'senior'. His mindset is questionable for some people, but he is YOKO. Plus Ohkura is more willing to do so, yet he barely could hold it any longer.

"Looks like I'm not the only one who's excited here." teases Ohkura as he finally looked at Yoko's unzipped pants. The younger leans closer to Yoko's head as his hands play around Yoko's navel and his hard-on. Ohkura kissed him again lightly, before he nuzzles Yoko's neck and positioning his hands at the elastic band of the older's boxer. It could happen in any time now, and they are ready.

Ohkura's breaths is getting heavier, Yoko can feel it on his shoulder. The younger is on top of him now, resting his own heads on his shoulder, body attached to each other, Ohkura’s hands on his boxers ...

and doing nothing.



"Oi, Ohkura?!" Yoko tried to keep a low voice, just so he won't break the mood. But the drummer's act is just plain queer.

"What the hell?!"

The mood's off now.

Started to piss, he tried to move the tall body aside, in order to scold him properly at the face.

But he only found the younger is already gone to his dreamland. Now that he realizes it, he actually heard Ohkura's light snore between his breaths. He looks peaceful yet dumb (like typical), which made Yoko didn't dare to wake him up. Carefully, he put Ohkura's head back to his shoulder, and patted his hair gently.

The night is quiet, only Ohkura's breaths accompanying his own. Yoko probably won't say this, but he's grateful to have such companies like Ohkura to help him feels better. The night is still long, and Yoko started to find Ohkura's sleeping at his side wasn't a bad thing after all.

"Goodnight." he whispers.

- - - - - - - -

He wakes up stretching his arms lazily. The streaks of sunshine blinds his sight for seconds, shiny enough to made him awake and realizing that he’d slept half naked on the carpet. Some pillows packed at his side and his T-Shirt was just half meter away.

“Morning. How’s your sleep?”

The younger sighted a fresh and cleaned Yoko at the door. The older was just drying his black hair with his towel while he looked to the confused Ohkura.

“How, hmmm, why am I naked?”

“You said so yourself it was pretty hot yesterday, so you decided to take them off.”

“Oh.” Was just his replies “Sorry if it troubles you, I kinda doze off yesterday.”

“Nah, it was cool.” Yoko turns back casually, while he smirks a little, just so the drummer won’t notice his trademark grin.


“Oi Yokoccho.”

Yoko tilts his head due to the calling. “Yes?”

“I’m not that dumb. Want to finish what was left out?” Now it’s Ohkura’s turn to smirks his widest and slyest grin ever.

Yoko couldn’t help to widen his eyes in shocked. He really couldn’t tell his feelings right now, a mixture between bewildered, slight relief, pinch of shyness, but most of all, embarrassment.

Although he’s pretty sure his poker face works most of the time, so he prays hard that Ohkura couldn’t read his emotion. Real emotion. Instead, he loosens up his muscle and put a casual face with a thin smile.

“Sounds good to me.”

A/N : Any comments are really appreciated and loved ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Tags: #oneshot, c: murakami shingo, c: ohkura tadayoshi, c: yokoyama yuu, fandom: kanjani8, p: ohkura tadayoshi/yokoyama yuu, r: pg-13, x: slash

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  • [drabble] Sleepless Night

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